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Connecting Ocean Events

The Beyond Ocean Network (BON) was created to grow and unite the scuba and watersports adventure industries.

BON aims to bring together the world’s major events in these industries such as: exhibitions, conferences, shows and festivals.

The Structure
The BON organisation is made up of BON PARTNERS and BON MEMBERS.

• PARTNERS are those companies who organise events for the scuba and adventure sports industry. BON partners benefit from collaborative marketing that increases overall awareness and event participation.

• MEMBERS are those companies who exhibit or sponsor events. BON members benefit from special rates to participate in the partners’ events.

The Rewards

The founders of the Beyond Ocean Network are committed to supporting conservation projects, especially those related to preserving our marine environment.

There’s no denying that our oceans are currently facing major challenges, from climate change and environmental destruction to unsustainable fishing practices. These same oceans are the fundamental basis for our dive industry and much of the world’s tourism industry. As long as our oceans remain in danger, our dive industry is threatened and our ocean themed events are also at risk.

With this in mind, BON enables both the event organisers and also the event participants to do their part for the future of our oceans. BON was designed to connect businesses and individuals with ocean-themed projects that focus on areas such as conservation, scientific research, education and awareness.

BON will use its marketing power to highlight ocean projects and encourage partner events to do the same.

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